From: Hans Georg Schaathun on
Does anyone know how to handle TIFF images in Python?

The pylab support uses PIL, and using either pylab or PIL directly,
it messes up the colour scheme. It may look as if it loads CMY believing
that it is RGB, but I am not absolutely sure.

I have no problem handling Microsoft BMP colour images or
TIFF grayscale images. (Although the latter is flipped around a
horizontal axes when I load it using PIL directly.)

[The TIFF images I use are generated using ImageMagick convert.
Yes, you are right, I can just as well convert to MicroSoft BMP
for this purpose, so it is not a big problem. I would just want
to know if a general solution, supporting as many file formats
as possible, is possible.]

Thanks for any pointers or hints
:-- George