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>>Phred wrote:
>>The process relies on residual chroma information retained on
>>cine-recorded colour TV programs, so it's of no use for film.
> Thanks for that advice Bob. Have you tried that approach with slides?
> I guess it should work the same, but a problem could be scanning
> slides with sufficient resolution without going to an expensive
> dedicated slide scanner. ...
> Cheers, Phred.

My wife and I just bought a small unit for $80 Cdn at Costco.
You can use it via USB, or just in your lap in front of the TV,
scanning into a memory stick. 5.x MP full colour scanned images.

Scan is more of a 0.5 second "picture take", since there is no
moving parts. You just advance the tray manually for the next
slide (or negative). It's quick compared to a scanner. You
spend all your time loading/unloading the slide tray.