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On 2008-10-10, Geoffrey Clements <geoffrey.clementsNO(a)> wrote:
> "chris" <ithinkiam(a)> wrote in message
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>> This sounds like a great idea. I'd be up for it.
>> The biggest difficulty will be controlling how long people code for.
>> Obviously you've got an end time (final commit to svn), but what about a
>> controlled start time? I guess it could be the project creation within
>> svn...
>> Also someone needs to host the project svn repository. I would imagine a
>> hosting company could be persuaded to do it for free for the short time
>> the project needs it.
> mmm ... I've got a net facing server with svn on it ... but it's a modest
> machine sitting at the end of an ADSL line with no redundancy so may not be
> the best option.

Even easier: just get people to submit a Git (or bzr, hg, darcs etc)
repository in a tarball. Distributed version control for the win!

The rules are simple enough: the first commit at the beginning of the
hour would be just an directory with a short text file in it. Of course,
there's nothing stopping a person from producing code *before* that
point and checking it in during the magic hour of coding.

Tom Morris