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On Fri, 14 May 2010 15:19:01 -0700, Bardia <Bardia(a)>

>Thank you,
>Original control names are without any spaces and some are on After update .
>I am really puzzled. This is a very small database and been working well
>since April 2009. Another surprise is that the size of its file was 11,700
>KB, now is only 2,816 KB, but when I check the total number of records they
>are all there!
>I even checked the database options to make sure that the box of Always use
>event procedures is checked.

Hope you have a backup. :-{(

It certainly sounds as if something is corrupt. Is the code you posted in fact
the same as the code actually in use in the database? I cannot see how it
could EVER have worked, at least not as it was posted.

John W. Vinson [MVP]
From: Bardia on
I am great full, problem solved.

"Dirk Goldgar" wrote:

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> > Thanks, yes I copied the database file from one computer to another using
> > ScanDisk. But on second computer the same Access 2007 is installed. In any
> > case if your guess is correct how should I solve this problem?
> First, in Windows explorer, right-click the database file and choose
> Properties from the popup menu. It may be that the file has been blocked,
> as having come from another computer. If so, there will be an Unblock
> button displayed on the property sheet. If you see that button, click it to
> unblock the file.
> If that isn't enough to fix the problem all by itself, then follow the
> instructions in this article to designate the folder containing your
> database as a trusted location:
> Create, remove, or change a trusted location for your files
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