From: ritzput on

The past week every time I try to open an email I get a message box
"contacting server for information". I can not cancel or close the box
it is done. It happens mainly with emails that contain graphics. I am
a PC and do not have a separate server. I have never had this problem
the last few days. Any ideas as to where my problems is would be
thanks, Rob

I'm getting same error message lately :"contacting serve for information"
box pops up (& freeze any further Outlook activity for 15-30 seconds) when
ever this particular email is highlighted in the preview pane.

This started few weeks ago and wonder if this is an Office update issue.
Have tried searching on Microsoft Help and nothing!!!

I've searched Microsoft and no solutions. cntrl-shft-F9 doesnt' work i I
only have 1 account i log into.