From: SQACSharp on

A managed dll file is injected into another managed process. The
injected process use a different version of the .Net framework

In my DLL I want to do something like :

Control ThisCtrl=Control.FromHandle(6666);

Because the two processes use different framework version we CANT do

My dll will always be the highest framework version vs the injected

Is there a way to get an instance of the control even if the control
come from another framework version.? A kind of tolerance to Object
from previous framework?

By the way "Control" will be any GUI control from the framework,
changes from version to version are simply addition of properties to
existing form controls classes in 99% of the time.

From: Patrice on

To start with, does it work you are using the same framework version in both
application ?

My understanding is that you are trying to create a variable that will
directly represent a control that is hosted in another process. I doubt you
could do that as you can't even access a control from a background thread in
a single app.

IMO your best bet would be to explain your overall goal. Though not fmailiar
with this, I believe that UI Automation could perhaps help