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i agree on all points. cave in syndrom is probably why we now have a million
rows and 16000 columns with people trying to use xl as a data base which i
have cautioned against. that is what access is for.


"JLatham" wrote:

> I think it was a cave-in by the Excel development group to 'demands' made by
> Excel users. Biggest problem (other than the real world headaches it causes
> in worksheet calculation attempts like this or when referenced in macros) is
> that the Help topic doesn't warn against the problems - should have told
> folks to use it sparingly, and ONLY in cells containing labels that would
> never be referenced anywhere else.
> Excel Ella: I replied to your other post much the same as Dave Peterson has
> here:
> No worksheet functions that I know of to:
> #1 - even figure out if a cell is a merged cell or not,
> #2 - much less figure out how many cells have been merged together
> #3 - merged cells referenced in calculations/macros = BAD
> Recommendation: go back and take the time to unmerge them and use horizontal
> alignment to "center across selection" so you can use them more easily in
> worksheet formulas and macros.
> "FSt1" wrote:
> > hi
> > see your post in eggheadcafe.
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> > my advice. don't use merged cells. it may "look" good on the sheet but it
> > screws everything else up so i am at a lose as to why MS added this feature
> > in the first place.
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> > "Excel Ella" wrote:
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> > > Is there a formula I can use to:
> > > 1. Count the number of merged cells (comprised of 3 cells) in a column AND
> > > how many of those are blank?
> > > 2. Count the number of merged cells (comprised of 2 cells) in a column AND
> > > howmany of those are blank?