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On 2010-06-22, Henry Law scribbled these curious markings:
> All these components need to be placed in the right libraries on
> installation and I'm doing all that using "make", so that the user can
> type "configure", "make" and then "make install". There are also "make
> update" (to replace just the code) and "make uninstall".

Why are you not using the standard tools for this? ExtUtils::MakeMaker,
Module::Build, Module::Install, Dist::Zilla.

> Currently I have an entirely specific "configure" program (written in
> Perl) which understands the details of the programs and modules and
> where to put them, and which also understands the various system files
> and how to install those too (entries in /etc/init.d for example). It
> allows the user to change the default locations if required, and it also
> makes a number of checks (libraries already exist, users are defined,
> and the like).


> I'd like to think, though, that there's a more general-purpose utility
> somewhere, to which I could specify "this library's contents go there
> unless the user says otherwise", and "the following users must be
> defined on the system", and so on, which would then create the Makefile.
> I've searched but I can't find anything at all on installing a Perl
> _application_ (as distinct from installing Perl _modules_).

Trying to specify where things go on the user's system will only end in
tears--yours--after your user's sysadmins come screaming at you.

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