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Actually, no, we are not copying entire rows of data. I am copying one
single cell, in a very very small spreadsheet is is only about 8 cells x 5
cells. No, I have not applied any conditional formatting, or any formatting
for that matter. It's the world's simplest spreadsheet. I am a BSEE with 20
years experience using Excel.

This is obviously a serious failure on Microsoft's part, and I would
appreciate it if MS employees would stop posting stupid answers in forums all
over the internet. I have Windows 7 64-bit and Excel 2007. No, I have
uninstalled all virus scanner/desktop search bars/browser search bars. This
problem has persisted since a fresh, clean install of the o/s and excel 2007.

So, unless you are posting a 'kb' fix link or a real solution, don't both
posting at all please.

"CellShocked" wrote:

> On Fri, 19 Feb 2010 22:19:13 -0800, QuaD <QuaD(a)>
> wrote:
> >I am having the same problem here. I've looked all over the internet for
> >answers and I can't find any help. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times
> >now and i keep getting the same problem no matter what I do.
> >
> >Please help!!!
> >
> >"Joe B." wrote:
> >
> >> I just got a new Dell with Office 2007. Computer is a Vostro 430 with 4GB of
> >> RAM and a 2.8GHz processor. Cut, copy and paste operate extremely slow in
> >> Excel 2007, even if I only have one cell to cut, copy, or paste, with nothing
> >> else in the spreadsheet. The action is always completed, but may take a
> >> minute or more. It was this way when I first tried it, right out of the box.
> >> I suspect there is something set wrong. Notably, I'm having similar
> >> problems in Word 2007. Everything else on the computer that I've tried
> >> works great, including Publishing, other facets of Excel and Word and
> >> numerous other programs. Anyone have any ideas?
> If you attempting to perform a cut and paste of entire rows or columns
> in the new versions (2k7 and 2k10) the new column and row limits makes it
> a pretty large data set.
> Perhaps there needs to be a "copy only if populated" command.
> The fix is to only mark the data intended to be copied, not entire rows
> and column selections.
> .