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Google Kick Starts a Real Look at the Problem

The recent events surrounding a targeted intrusion at Google have intrigued
many and sparked numerous recent debates on a variety of issues. While
Shadowserver is familiar with several of the events surrounding this
compromise, we are not getting up to the minute updates or fully clued into
everything that happened. With that said there are a number of things we
would like to say and do not need much more information about this specific
event in order to say them. A few items here will come as no surprise to a
few but should continue to open the eyes of others.

In a recent CBS 60 Minutes segment Jim Lewis, a Director at the Center for
Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), described a major attack or
"digital Pearl Harbor" that occurred in 2007 against the U.S. where massive
amounts of data were stolen by foreign entities. These were neither the
first attacks nor were they the last attacks against the U.S. would see.
These attacks have continued daily and are leading to what Lewis has called
"the death of a thousand cuts." Little by little organizations of all types
are being broken into and having intellectual property and other

Unfortunately we can tell you these scenarios are playing out day in and
out on a massive scale, whether we recognize it or not. (more..)

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