From: John Hurley on
On Apr 25, 11:57 am, zigzagdna <zigzag...(a)> wrote:


> Only one block is corrupted. Oracle 11g provdies various health
> monitors and only one block is shown as corrupted. My export dump
> fails for one table. One can reterive dthat table from a prevous
> export backup, but that will require some loss in data.  I am trying
> to figure what is the value of dbms_repair.

How can a system that is not in production have a concern about a loss
in data?

I would run an rman validate to double check on how many blocks.

You cannot repair something that you don't have a backup for.
From: John Hurley on
> No clue what cused it, may be Oracle 11g is not stable Never happend
> to me in previous version databases.

Well if you had backups in place and if you had a set of rman
validates in place that run periodically then you could get nail down
a timeframe.

I can use the dd command to corrupt a single block ... maybe one of
your coworkers is testing you?