From: ilo on
ok i did it your way

first i dropped trigger and

i set on queryidentifier and ansi null on and then i created trigger
your way then it works

thanks for you advice

Erland Sommarskog yazdi:
> ilo (ilyas.isik(a) writes:
> > its working
> >
> > i changed set options in cursor statement
> Maybe it's "working" but there are serious performance problems with the
> code. Those SET statements causes the trigger to be recompile twice
> during execution which is completely unnecessary. And the cursor can be
> a complete disaster for performance.
> I don't know why you are wrting triggers in the first place, but I someone
> - a client or an employer - pays you for it. Whatever, it is complete
> irresponsible to leave code like this, not the least when you have been
> told what the appropriate procedures are.
> Please remove that cursor and take out those SET statements, and ionsted
> save the trigger correctly.
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