From: PA Bear [MS MVP] on

John wrote:
> After a hardware upgrade (to an Athlon II x2 Regcor 245 chip and new
> motherboard), I'm struggling with a DEP-related problem. Running XP SP3
> and
> IE8. The new chip is hardware DEP capable; the old one wasn't. The DEP is
> set to "protect critical programs," if I recall the wording correctly, not
> to protect all programs. Although the latter setting is supposedly the
> default, the "critical programs" setting showed the radio button when I
> looked at the DEP settings the first time.
> There is only one problem I've found ( wife has found -- it's her
> computer) so far. When she tries to log on to Web-based Hotmail using IE8,
> her e-mail address is already entered for her. When she types the first
> letter of her password, DEP steps in and blocks her from continuing.
> I loaded Firefox, and Hotmail works normally under that browser. She's not
> interested in changing browsers, though, so I'd appreciate any advice on a
> fix. I do not want to change the setting back to "all programs" and enter
> exceptions; I'd have to be the one to do that, and I fear having her call
> me
> constantly to add another one. Nor do I want to turn off DEP entirely
> (even
> if that's possible).
> Sorry to sound sort of demanding in regard to what I don't want to do, but
> I'd appreciate any advice or links. I've seen some references on the Web
> to
> specific fixes for specific problems, such as certain toolbars that cause
> DEP problems, but nothing that pertains to my case.
> Thanks for any advice.