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Actually, this applies to Windows Server device drivers ...

As per the DEVFUND-0046, effectively from June 01st, Windows Server device
drivers are required to supply a command line, scriptable, or answer-file
capable utility or functionality for device and driver management. The
file(s) required to provide the command line functionality, if applicable per
the requirements text. See DEVFUND-0046 for details of requirements, A
readme DOC file that indicates the name of the command line utility and
whether any functionality is different from that of any graphical interface
tool provided for the product. You need to keep the readme DOC with your
driver package during the submission process.
Effectively from September 01st, if we don't find readme file in Server
device submissions then we will fail your submission without any
notification. If you have any additional questions please let us know.

Steve Lee

"Tim Roberts" wrote:

> kambizt <kambizt(a)> wrote:
> >
> >As you may know there is a new requirement for Window Logo the is going to
> >be effective June 1, 2010 (DEVFUND-0046). I was wondering if this new
> >requirement also applies to drivers that are submitted under the Unclassified
> >Category?
> You'll have to fetch the LogoPoint requirements database to get the
> details. Note, however, that DEVFUND-0046 only applies to server
> submissions.
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