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Matthew Hicks wrote:
> You could try turning off the "Trim unconnected signals" option.
> ---Matthew Hicks
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>> Tim Verstraete schrieb:
>>> Hey,
>>> I have 2 LVDS clock signals and both are terminated with the DIFF_TERM
>>> attribute on the LVDS25 input buffer IBUFGDS but i only use 1 of them
>>> ... now i want both buffers to stay in my design and not optimized
>>> away. Is there a constraint that i can place on that buffer? i guess
>>> that it should be a UCF constraint since when i look into the RTL
>>> viewer of planahead and ISE i still see the buffer.
>>> I know that there is an option in NGBuild -u which keeps the unused
>>> logic, but i do not want to use it just for that 1 buffer ...
>>> thanks in advance,
>>> kind regards,
>>> tim
>>> p.s. i'm using ISE8.2SP2 and a V4SX55-FF1148C
>> the best thing possible is to use it without using it :)
>> 1) like route the unused input to non-bonded IO,
>> 2) or use in some net in way that the signal isnt really used but XST
>> fails to optimize it out
>> 3) or if you dont use BSCAN you can also route it to TDO pin
>> all those tricks would keep the net alive. sure it would use
>> some interconnect resources.
>> Antti

indeed but then it does not optimize the part i do want to be optimized
.... because it is a global option ... i was just hoping there was some
constraint somewhere ...

kind regards,

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yttrium schrieb:

> i also thought that but then i read the description:
> <>
> KEEP Description
> KEEP is an advanced mapping constraint and synthesis constraint. When a
> design is mapped, some nets may be absorbed into logic blocks. When a
> net is absorbed into a block, it can no longer be seen in the physical
> design database. This may happen, for example, if the components
> connected to each side of a net are mapped into the same logic block.
> The net may then be absorbed into the block containing the components.
> KEEP prevents this from happening.
> KEEP is translated into an internal constraint known as NOMERGE when
> targeting an FPGA. Messaging from the implementation tools will
> therefore refer to the system property NOMERGE-not KEEP.
> and tried it out but no change ...
> i think i will go for antti's idea and just make some small logic to an
> unbound pin so it does not get removed ...
> too bad there is no constraint for this ...
> kind regards,
> Tim

there is ASFAIK no way to use constraints to set options on used by the
logic pins.

this is sometimes real problem - you may want to have different unused
to have optional pulldowns or pullups but this cant be specified unless
pins are used by the design

it would be possible by patching the bitstream, but I am little behind
my bitpatch application at the moment