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"Phil" <phil(a)> wrote in

> I always use Elookup instead of Dlookup as well as EMax, EMin etc.
> I tried to test the difference in speed in AK2 some time ago and
> found very little difference. Almost certainly wrong, but could
> this be a myth?

In A97, the domain lookup and domain aggregate functions were much
slower on linked tables, but that was fixed starting in A2000. The
hand-rolled replacement functions for them (such as Trevor Best's
t-functions, the versions I've always used, and have extended myself
in ways that make them more versatile than the built-in Access
functions, though they are no faster now) are really no longer
necessary for performance reasons.

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Owen <google(a)> wrote in

> David - using the lookup value in the recordsource renders the
> form data uneditable.

What if you use the DISTINCTROW predicate?

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John Spencer <JSPENCER(a)Hilltop.umbc> wrote in

> The domain functions (DLookup, DMax, DMin, etc.) are relatively
> slow, but you only notice the "slowness" when you are calling them
> multiple times in a loop of some kind. Or if you are calling them
> in a query and returning a lot of records or are filtering on the
> result of the function call.

As I said in another answer, in A97, they were notably slow on
linked tables, so everybody rolled their own to get the speed back.
A2000 fixed the problem but many of us kept using them out of
intertia and because we'd extend them to offer other features (such
as being able to use a database other than the current one).

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