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Gabor <gabor(a)> writes:

>On Feb 11, 2:50=A0pm, van...(a) (Peter Van Epp) wrote:
>> <snip>>And another question is: what else did the assembly house mess up =
>> >this board? Lot of 0402 bird seed on this one, no way to tell by looking
>> >at it... But at least all supply voltages are correct and so on.
>> <snip>
>> =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 This reminded me of an article I saw in Circuit Cellar on=
> Smart Tweezers
>> ( which might help you out. I expect there m=
>> be some problems in circuit with parallel paths though, I think it is mor=
>> meant for identifying mystery components in isolation.
>> Peter Van Epp

>We've got a set of these in our production area here, which is also
>the test and rework area (small company). You can often get
>in-circuit, especially in cases like this where you might see a much
>impedance than you were expecting. They're also great for comparing
>two boards when one doesn't work, since whatever you measure on the
>good board (R L or C) is just a relative reference point rather than
>the presumed component value.


Even better, someone that has actually used one (which I haven't :-)).

Peter Van Epp