From: rafael.carmo on

I am trying to generate code using simulink in Code Composer with a simple
model for DSK6713, with a ADC directly connected to a DAC.

I have Matlab 7.9.0 (R2009b), Code Composer 3.3 and DSK 3.1.

When I try to generate code in Code Composer appears:

"untitled.h", line 25: fatal error: could not open source file
"untitled_main.h", line 3: fatal error: could not open source file

I'm not sure of the meaning of this message.

File .h is a reader file?
What are making that problem happen, Matlab or Code Composer?
What I can do to resolve that problem and generate code?

If someone can help please send a message to rafael.carmo.pinto(a)

Thanks for all informations.