From: Jeremy on
Ok Ziggy... well you formula didn't work with my VBA, but it got me thinking
and I changed my dynamic range name formula to...

I'm not sure what this bought me, but it seems to work better and eliminates
the one blank line in the drop down list. I'll try some of the various data
validation list formulas tomorrow and see if I have any better luck. I've
been at work for 14hrs. today and my brain is toast.

Thanks for your input!

"Ziggy" wrote:

> I hope this helps. I'm not following the formulas. I haven't used them
> with that syntax.
> Here is what I use to name a range that will vary in length.
> =Offset('SheetName'!$A$1,1,0,CountA('SheetName'!$A:$A)-1)
> It needs to be used in a column where that is filled with data right
> to the end of the data fields.
> .
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