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It is a strategem that has probably existed since cave men first started
collecting rocks. :-)

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"Bob Barrows" <reb01501(a)NOyahoo.SPAMcom> wrote in message
> Ah, the old delete-it-and-see-who-complains strategem :-)
> TheSQLGuru wrote:
>> If your SLA allows it, just generate scripts for detach/attach of all
>> databases. Start picking 100 at a time or so and detach them. When
>> you get a support call, 10 seconds later the database can be ready to
>> go when you execute the attach script for the appropriate database.
>> Many people will laugh at this, but it is actually is a viable
>> strategy for some entities. I will note that before I do that I
>> would use the index usage stats DMV to narrow down the hit-list. :-)
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>> On 18 May, 18:55, "TheSQLGuru" <kgbo...(a)> wrote:
>>> Just a general question: why don't you jus add more space? :-)
>> That is not possible in our environment, we have 5.6TB capacity and we
>> have around 2000 databases! we run out of space quite regularly.
>> Adding more space increases costs (impacts backup capcity etc.) and
>> makes it harder to manage the huge size/number.
>> We are using Sql Server 2005. We can not move to 2008 as yet as the
>> software we use does not support 2008.
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