From: Phil on
I use the following to get date created of say a form

Function GetObjectDates(ObjName As String, ObjType As Long) As Date
' Get DateCreateds of Forms, Reports. Queries etc

On Error Resume Next
Select Case ObjType
Case -32768 ' Forms
GetObjectDates ectDates =

Case Else
GetObjectDates = "Unavailable Information"

End Select

End Function

If I type in getobjectdates("Member",-32768) i get the answer 17/09/2009
18:25:07. This is also the information in the MysysObjects table

If I look at the form member I have the Date created as 27/12/2009 01:10: 17
which is when I last compacted &repaired the Db. I am trying to get the date
each onject was last modified into a table, and if I do a Compact & Repair, I
want to restore that date to keep track of what I do.

Why the discrepency and how do I get the Modified Date (Rather than the
created date?



Why the sicrepency