From: jonceramic on
Hi all,

I know it's slightly off topic, but we've got a decade old database
that takes an Outlook form, sets a connection to Access via DAO, and
then writes back and forth to the recordset.

The problem is that every number field on the form defaults to the "0"
or "$0.00".

I've tried all sorts of things to set this field to Null, but can't
seem to get it to work. It always reverts back. The only way is an
automatically calculated field - which wipes my values! Argh.

It's causing problems with my database because I can't determine when
people truly entered "0" or when they simply have no data yet.
(Reports of financials are so much fun...)

Does anyone have any clue/hope for me? Maybe a better forum for
Outlook forms?

(Running Outlook 2007, and Access 2003.)


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