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~BD~ wrote:
> David H. Lipman wrote:
>>> They weren't Easter bunnies. It was soft p.o.r.n. It was
>>> inappropriate for the Malkwarebyte forums and the religious
>>> Christians were offended.
> What rubbish!
> Most certainly there was no reason for banning me from the
> Malwarebytes forums, that's for sure.
> There's something that doesn't quite ring true about an
> organisation which does not correspond in a civilised manner with
> the users of its product.
> Maybe someone like David Kaye has the experience to determine if a
> machine is actually *clean* after installing and running MBAM.
> Someone, surely, has carried out an independent check to give
> such a widely used facility a clean bill of health. Whilst MBAM
> is obviously highly effective at removing 'malware' why is it
> considered impossible for the downloaded software to leave its
> *own* gremlin within the cleaned machine?
> Is Malwarebytes approved by Microsoft itself? If so, please cite
> reference.

Malwarebytes is approved by Microsoft at least to the extent that if you
open a support ticket and your problem is malware, it is one of the programs
(the first program, I think) the techs will recommend to clean the

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