From: ldries46 on
I need to debug a program that uses unbounded strings. Say for instance a
variable Code_Line. I can display Code_Line in the debugger Code_Linewindow.
Clicking on the value that shows the address of reference dispays a new
window with Code_Line.reference.all.
In an earlier version of GPS (2009) this window didplays the string. In the
new version of GPS(2010 ) I only got the message "Unknown variable".
The length of the string is correct.
How can I get the value of the string back? Do I have some switch wrong?
Gnatmake: -j4 -g -C -m
Ada: -g -fstack-check -gnatE -gnato -gnatf -gnata -gnatVdcefim
-gnat05 -gnat95 -gnat83
Binder, Ada Linker, Pretty Printer,etc. : no switches

From: Simon Wright on
"ldries46" <bertus.dries(a)> writes:

> -gnat05 -gnat95 -gnat83

Sorry I can't help with the debugger problem -- but this is an odd
selection of switches! I expect -gnat05 overrides the others, tho ...
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