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On 7/2/10 11:58 AM, Alf P. Steinbach /Usenet wrote:

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> #Py3

I'm stuck on Python 2.x, as I mentioned (albeit only in a comment). That
said this code does not seem to be including any Py3isms that aren't

> class Thing(object):
> @expose()
> def test1(self, arg1):
> return arg1
> @expose( "testing" )
> def test2(self, arg2):
> return arg2

Its the @expose() which bugs me. I have some decorators (made by me and
others) which have no args, that look like @hello. Then some which
always have args, that look like @hello("whatsup dude"). To then have a
decorator which has no args as @hello(), I can't abide. For internal
consistancy purposes, I want "no arguments" to always look like @hello,
and "arguments" to look like @hello(something). I don't want to have to
think, "Hey, does this no-arg version require parens or no?"


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