From: jordan on
The person setting up the first Exchange 2003 (SP2) server in a new
domain made a typo when manually adding the first organizational form
in US English; unfortunately that is preventing an auxiliary
application from working, even though two special forms were . We need
to get the form name changed.

We can add additional form directories in other languages, and delete
them from the exchange system manager, but the problem one gives us an
error dialog:

The requested operation is forbidden
ID no: c1030af1
Exchange System Manager.

Nothing else is logged. Google and MS searching reveals a few other
folks having the same problem, but no answers except one (use Outlook
and get into forms manager); that has proven insufficient; we could
access and delete the individual forms within the mis-spelled directory
but still cannot delete the directory from ESM, nor does there appear
to be a way to do it in Outlook. We also (apparently) can't change the
default forms library directory, perhaps due to the language issue;
directories we create for other languages don't show up in our english
language outlook, and I can't create another US english directory...

Is there any way short of blowing away Exchange and reinstalling it to
get this organizational form directory to go away, or allow us to
correct its name?