From: Jamie on
Skybuck Flying wrote:
> Well shitty.. I did a little memory test with the computer and no errors
> found.. so that can't be it...
> So it must be a bug somewhere... it's kinda nasty with all the pointers
> moving by one and then the sizes need to be reduced with one... it's a bit
> messy :)
> Gotta find a way to fix that and make it better... still no clue though...
> could be algo bug too don't know...
> However one thing is for sure... CPU is probably not fast enough to do
> lossless video decoding with multiple compression/transformation methods...
> So I might have to deviate to gpu decoding at least ;) :)
> Bye,
> Skybuck :)
Try using the API "MoveMemory" instead.. That will verify your findings
if you think that is an issue...
Frankly, that ASM code you posted looks like more CPU time is being
used just to set it up. I hope the base core of the RTL hasn't been
written sloppy like that over the last few versions.. It would
reevaluate my opinion of delphi, etc..