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> Could you please be more specific in what I should do to correct the
> problem.

The behavior you are seeing is by design. See this article:

Click on the "+" sign next to this topic:

+ I see sample data instead of my data after creating a chart.

In form or report Design view, the chart shows sample data when you first
create it. To see current data, switch to Form view or Print Preview, or
close the form or report and then open it.

Read Al's answer again. He showed you how to update the values. However, you
would need to go through this manual process each and every time you need to
see the most current data in design view.

Tom Wickerath
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"Bill" wrote:


You are correct in your assessment of what is happening with showing old
data in design view and current data in form view.

Could you please be more specific in what I should do to correct the
problem. May be a step by step solution.



"Al Campagna" wrote:

Your probably saying the design data displays an earlier design results,
but the form view graph data is correct.
The graphs have acted that way for the past Access versions as well.
I think the Graphing in Access is borrowed from Excel, and does not update
in design view as it should.

One way around that, is to run the query behind the graph in design
view, and copy and paste the query results into the graph's associated excel
spread sheet.
That will "smack the graph up side the head", and get the latest values
to show in design... as well as form view.
Al Campagna
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"Bill" <Bill(a)> wrote in message

In Access 2007, I have a graph in Design View which shows differently in Form
View. In other words, the information that is plotted in the graph shows
differently in the two views. Why is this?

Thank you,