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>> That might good thing to point newbies to though the example sited is
>> Meyer specific. IOW, it doesn't allude to a duty cycle or percentage
>> of average vs. peak current. But it it's a good tipoff. Powered
>> speakers like the ones by Mackie often only list maximum current
>> rather than what the box will actually draw with real music. They'll
>> say use a 15A or 20A service (@120v) for a box that will likely draw
>> less than 5A even when they're being hammered. At least nowadays the
>> good amp manufacturers will post 1/8 and 1/3 current draws at a given
>> speaker load so people can plan for a more real world scenario. 1/3
>> of max draw at a given load has been worse case in my experience with
>> 1/8th being more on par with dynamic sources and occasional clip/peak
>> limiting.
> I use the 1/3rd method to determine ac service requirments
> George

Yup, same here. If you were to distro for the maximum possible draw,
the distro would be a 100 3� where a 50A single phase service would be
fine. Overkill to say the least.


Please note this is for SOUND ONLY
for lights I spec 100% to120% of full load