From: Remmy Martin on

Just for shits & grins, here's a photo of a common (region dependent)
wildflower that some of you more-urban denizen may not have seen before.

I though these had died-out in my meadows due to some harsh freeze-outs,
but I found a large 30x40 ft. patch of them on my land today and snapped
off a few shots with my P&S camera. They're just as intensely colored as
you see in this photograph (provided your monitor is adjusted properly).

I'm glad they came back. They add a nice splash of almost-unreal color
intensity to the other wildflowers that are perennial favorites on my land.
Wild Geraniums (Crane's-bill), Goat's-Beard, Columbines (var. "Meeting
Houses"), Butterfly-weed, etc. I get a lot of color (and wildlife) by not
mowing down the open-field areas. Near the house I just mow around
everything I want to keep. Visitors think I've planted the immense amount
of flowers and wide variety of ferns here. All I did was mow around
whatever seeded itself while saving gas and hundreds man-hours. There's no
need to spend money at greenhouses, nor do any extra work at all, if you
let nature do its thing.

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