From: Peter Duniho on
Mr. Arnold wrote: [...]

For someone who think "it's over", you sure are having trouble staying
out of "it".

> Andreas Huber wrote:
> <snipped>
> Move on man its not my code to begin with, it was in my face and I fixed
> it running on the DoD network, which doesn't allow me to breach my
> security clerance posted some code in this NG.

As has been explained numerous times now, if there's really a problem,
you don't need to post classified code to demonstrate it.

Or are you now trying to tell us that whatever "bug" you claim exists,
it ONLY ever happens if the code is classified? I _really_ look forward
to the non-explanation for how THAT could happen.

> Understand this, you are nobody of any importance to me. and I don't
> dance to your tune or any one's tune in a NG.

Then why do you bother to participate? Is it just your ego? Perhaps
that's why you have such trouble dealing with corrections when you post
something that's not true and someone else has to correct you.

For the rest of us, the others in the newsgroup _do_ have some
importance. There's a reason we try to get correct information out
there: to help other people, because those other people matter.

The only "tune" the rest of us have here is for information to be
correct. It's clear enough you don't dance to that tune, but that
doesn't mean the rest of us will keep quiet when incorrect information
has been posted, even by you.

> You're not putting any
> money in my pockets only your lip service so disappear and move on.

No one is paying you to post here. So by that logic, you should "move on".

From: Mr. Arnold on
Peter Duniho wrote:

<not even reading your lip service>

You can't even learn to move on.
From: Mr. Arnold on
Andreas Huber wrote:

<not even reading your lip service>

You need to learn when to move on, as it is moot -- move on.