From: Ed from AZ on
Shenan Stanley:

Not sure of all the specifics of the laptop - it's a stock standard
Dell Latitude D600 (hardware-wise, anyway).
I'm running XP Pro SP3 (32-bit).
Dell stopped putting out driver updates a long time ago.
I might need to roll back to SP2; I know at least my video driver
wasn't updated for SP3.
But that might be more trouble than it's worth.

AlactrityPC was recommended to me by one of the MVPs ("John John") and
it will do what I need once I get it configured.
(I've got a couple of threads on what I'm trying to do in shutting
down some stuff to run a VB program in a certain environment.)


Yes, I am running Office 200 Professional.
And I just installed the latest AVG Free update.
The "Spyware" is Spyware Terminator - don't know why I dropped that
from the name!
Hadn't thought of AVG and ST conflicting.
Probably ought to use MSCONFIG and turn off each one in turn and see
what difference it makes .....
Didn't know about the &temp& trick - I'll have to do that.
I do occasionally clean out 'most everything.

Thanks for all the input!