From: Yousuf Khan on
I've been noticing that one of my oldest IDE hard disks, which seemed
like it was on its last legs just a couple of years back, seems to have
come roaring back to life. Specifically, this drive had so many Spin
Retry count errors that Disk Sentinel had given it just six months to
live at one time. Around the end of Feb of this year, it was showing a
value of 17 for this drive, and today it's gone down to only 2! I
would've expected this number to remain forever and just get incremented
as time went on.

This drive is now rated 94% by Hard Disk Sentinel, up from 49% in
February. In the past it was rated even lower, when I was still running
XP, but the count got reset once I upgraded to Windows 7.

Yousuf Khan
From: Yousuf Khan on
On 02/08/2010 9:01 PM, Ed Light wrote:
> You might ask the HD Sentinel guy. He's neat.

Good idea, didn't think of that.

Yousuf Khan