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NAS Storage gesucht
Schorsch <schorschgp(a)arcor.de> wrote: Hi all, bei meiner Suche nach einem NAS bin ich auf das Synology DS1010+ gesto?en. Was haltet ihr davon? Gibt es hier schon Besitzer eines solchen Ger?ts? Wie sind da die Erfahrungen? Hi Schorsch, das ist eine englische Newsgroup, mit einem deutschen Posting wi... 9 Aug 2010 07:55
Drives that do or don't run hot
My ST315003 runs at lease 5 deg C hotter than other drives in the same position. I've looked at Tom's Hardware and such places, but they focus on problem drives, and I want a positive identification of a drive that doesn't have a known problem! What 1.5 - 2 TB SATA drives are fast and run fairly cool? I ha... 8 Aug 2010 15:36
for all laptop hard drive solutions
for all types of laptop hard drive problems solutions http://laptop-hard-drive-enclosure.com/ ... 6 Aug 2010 15:58
Intel 160 GB ssd drive now $425
Intel 160 GB ssd drive now $425: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820167017 OK, this is getting very close to my buy point. Very close. Lynn ... 13 Aug 2010 15:45
Simulate eject of eSATA disk by disabling it?
Windows XP Pro SP3 My system doesn't have support for "hot swapping" eSATA, so there's no eject or "safely remove" option. Is disabling an eSATA disk a safe alternative? Will the OS and disk internal cache be flushed? -- Bert Hyman St. Paul, MN bert(a)iphouse.com ... 4 Aug 2010 00:37
Strong physical USB flash drive/sticks with a keychain hole?
Hello. I have a client who is currently disappointed with his two last USB flash drives/sticks that broke from their keychain holes due to heavy keys. He uses them with his keychains and never remove them. I noticed his keys are heavy (tilted when connected to USB ports) and gravity pull them down if USB slo... 9 Aug 2010 13:27
DVD/CD writer - do any brands last?
On 7/20/2010 12:06 AM PT, John Turco typed: I bought a generic eSATA PCI card, too. External hard drives that the only way to go for backups now. Quite true, and I crave eSATA's superior speed; USB 2.0 is merely too damned slow. Yeah, well USB3 just came out so... -- "When the people look ... 3 Aug 2010 05:58
Do SMART values decrease over time?
I've been noticing that one of my oldest IDE hard disks, which seemed like it was on its last legs just a couple of years back, seems to have come roaring back to life. Specifically, this drive had so many Spin Retry count errors that Disk Sentinel had given it just six months to live at one time. Around the en... 3 Aug 2010 00:36
capin' crunch shows his stupidity...again...as usual...LOL!
On 8/1/2010 10:18 AM, Mr Baracuda wrote: so you are so cheap you wont buy a proper UPS huh... figures.. LOL I quit using UPS's about 5 years ago as they are not needed, if you know what you're doing. I guess you don't have a clue. you said that you have money????? lol No, I said I was financially secur... 1 Aug 2010 14:50
capin' crunch, the goat fucker likes carrots...!!!
On 7/31/2010 2:43 PM, capin' crunch, the goat fucker, wrote: There are 2 ways to motivate a person And you don't know either of them. with a stick or with a carrot Let me guess...your goat likes carrots, right? You do share with him right?...LOL! ... 31 Jul 2010 18:21
capin' crunchs brain has gone missing...again...LOL!
On 7/31/2010 5:10 AM, capin' crunch wrote: ----------------------------------------------------- Hey malakus,your brain is totally dysfunctional!...LOL! oops! ... 31 Jul 2010 11:48
High Performance Workstation Storage
Hi all, did anyone knows other manufactures of Workstation Storage like the Areca ARC-8040 ? http://www.areca.com.tw/products/6gsastosas.htm -- Gruss, Schorsch ... 30 Jul 2010 21:50
User accounts have gone missing!
I have a perplexing problem here. I went on vacation outside of the country, and when I got back my Windows 7 desktop lost almost all of its user login accounts (5 altogether), except for one. The one that isn't lost, cannot be logged into, as the password doesn't get accepted. The machine also has a dual-boot... 8 Aug 2010 11:13
Filesystem for a Time Capsule
No, not Apple Time Machine, but an actual time capsule. I have been asked to put together an external USB hard drive; format it and put a bunch of pictures, videos - you name it on there. It, along with other trinkets will be sealed in a container and buried. At first I was thinking ext4 since it is non proprietar... 8 Aug 2010 02:39
Lacie F800 2tb Raid drive failure
I've had one of the drives in the RAID 5 setup fail on me. The drive is over three years old and Lacie won't give any advice for customers with out of warranty devices. The failed F800 drive uses a Maxtor DiamondMax 11 6H500R0 and Lacie doesn't sell that drive anymore and it looks like the drive isn't manufa... 17 Jul 2010 10:52
Western Digital Cavier Black 32M & 64M cache
Do they worth the money? I noticed that 500G hard disks of Seagate & Hitachi got 16M cache only... -- @~@ Might, Courage, Vision, SINCERITY. / v \ Simplicity is Beauty! May the Force and Farce be with you! /( _ )\ (x86_64 Ubuntu 9.10) Linux 2.6.34 ^ ^ 20:27:01 up 15 days 5:05 2 users load ave... 11 Jul 2010 12:39
Hitachi stinks (literally)
John Turco wrote Rod Speed wrote John Turco wrote Rod Speed wrote John Turco wrote Mike Tomlinson wrote chrisv <chrisv(a)nospam.invalid> write (Copyright "IBM Ronnie" Reaugh) God, that's a blast from the past. Wonder what happened to him? The real question i... 22 Jul 2010 03:47
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