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Well, I've never had so much publicity as in this entire thread, whose title has been
my name, rather than a subject more suited to what Eudora issue it's about.

In my last post replying to you, I had indicated that I could not understand
your "Everest" situation, nor where "Steamyx" came into it,
so I counted myself unable to help, even joked that maybe
my stopping further posting would be welcome relief from my long-windedness,
and followed a further query on "starfleet" to an interesting cruise ship ad,
adding my best wishes at the end for someone to be able to help you.

How you choose to view this is your own interpretation;
sorry if neither one of us can understand the other.

I see that you subsequently wrote:

"One more thing, when setting Eudora 6.2.1 I had to check submission Port 587.
When configuration Eudora you cannot check submission Port 587"

Well, the various Eudora release notes say that the "Use submission port (587)"
check box for outgoing (SMTP) actually first appeared in version,
and certainly still exists in version, where I use it myself.

Then you added:

"I now check my emails first right clicking on 'Dominant' to check mail,
then the next 'personality' to check another mail from another server."

This seems to indicate that you have more than one personality,
but only one personality, featuring only "," was earlier mentioned,
when it came to listing all your personalities, leaving me confused,
as well as unable to help.

I have just let Thunderbird (also available as "Eudora 8")
try to find server connections for ","
and all it could find was a POP server ( on port 110.

Thunderbird tried (a/k/a
on port 587 (with and without SSL), and also tried port 465 (SSL),
but got no response from that server, so probably that server
can be contacted only on port 25, which is very often blocked
by other networks. If you are currently connected to some
non-Everest network, therefore, you probably can not send mail
using the Everest SMTP server, no matter what settings you make,
and no matter what email program you use -- the reason is that
many ISPs are afraid of being "blacklisted" for harboring spammers
unless they block that port, which carries most of the traffic
for all spam ever sent by anyone, including by infected computers,
whose owners may not even be aware that their computers
are being used as spam-sending "robots."

Most ISPs provide an SMTP server of their own, therefore,
whose use can be traced with certainty to a subscriber account,
and they also provide the necessary settings for it,
just as Everest must do.

Later in previous thread:

"I use Steamyx sending my email out"

"I still cannot receive email. but can received email"


JHM: It might be useful if you would list every personality that you've set up,
JB: As above.

No, there was no "Steamyx" personality ever mentioned.

The relationship between port numbers, SSL, and "Secure Sockets when..." in Eudora
is as described in
Note also about "Alternate Login Info"

JB: Where can I find this?

In those posts.

"How will Eudora know which (Everestkc and Steamyx) passwords to use?"

When Eudora asks for a password for a server named ","
supply the one and only password used on ""

Even if Eudora gets mixed up
about whether the server whose password it's requesting
is really "" or ","
it makes no difference, because "" has only one password anyway.

Eudora does happen to get mixed up between "incoming" and "outgoing"
when asking for passwords, but you can not get mixed up,
because you have learned never to mix two different ISP's servers
in any one personality, so both servers of any one personality
should always happen to be named ""

You have created a different personality for every ISP whose login info is different,
so at any time you are asked for a password, the "" part of the server name
still tells you exactly which password to use.

If you once accidentally supplied the wrong password(s),
use "Special" > "Forget password(s)" to forget them,
and let Eudora ask again -- next time the answers will be perfect.

JB: "In sending mail SMTP relay personality should I click to "Steamyx"?

Sounds like a good idea,
since Everest's SMTP server is apparently unreachable from where you are,
and apparently you have a "Steamyx" personality in Eudora to use instead.

Also check-mark "Use relay" in every personality,
so that _only_ the "Steamyx" SMTP server will be used to send mail,
no matter what its return address.

"I have no interest in Steamyx's email. I am only interested using them
to convey [send] my emails"

Un-check the "Check Mail" property box in the "Steamyx" personality.

In a later post, JB:
"How do you overcome or get around the problem when your ISP
prohibits sending out email using other ISP email address?"

Does "Steamyx" do that? Did you verify this with certainty?

If so, you have to get an account where there is an SMTP server
which _does_ let you use other addresses. For example,
both Gmail and Hotmail offer free accounts _and_ free SMTP servers
to go with them, and those servers can each use port 587 with SSL,
which "Steamyx" will not likely try to block, unless they are exceedingly paranoid,
in which case you should drop them and get a different ISP.

Gmail (and Hotmail?) require a one-time verification of each outgoing
email address that you want them to accept -- you tell them the address,
they send you a "confirmation" message to that address,
you click a link in that email, and you're then authorized
to send mail using the address that was just confirmed.

Who is "Steamyx," anyway?

The ISP in Malaysia?

"Take an example if you come across someone at the street corner
with hand written cardboard asking for money."

Even during the "Great Depression," many people gave something
for donations received, even if a pencil, an apple, a song, a greeting or blessing,
a key tag from a Disabled Veterans' organization when I was a boy;
this is a very common principle in fund-raising today,
for many worthy causes, also is considered good for an individual recipient,
whenever feasible (of course not for persons needing physical rescue, etc.)

For a solution to a problem involving Eudora,
I think that giving obviously essential (or requested) information
would be a nice offering, in return for which a great deal of research,
investigation, and carefully composed individual help is often returned.

Elsewhere: (find "Bowl")

Doctor Who? (the meaningless change of subject for this post):

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