From: Jerry Avins on
On 5/18/2010 4:26 AM, Zhi.Shen wrote:
> Hi, Friends!
> Does anyone read Mr. Fredric Harris's book
> "Multirate signal processing for communication systems" ?
> I think it's a good book for engineering,
> but some descriptions make me confused.
> On page 53, Chapter 3
> "For a specific example, the filter presented in Figure 3.20 designed for
> 60dB side-lobe levels is used in a 32-to-1 down sampling application. If the
> side-lobes are equiripple at 60-dB the integrated side-lobe level is -36.1dB
> which, when distributed over the remaining bandwidth of 1/32 (-15.1 dB) of
> input sample rate, results in an effective alias side-lobe suppression
> of -51 .2dB, equivalent."
> Who knows the "integrated side-lobe level"'s meaning?
> And why it's "-36.1dB "?
> It's a pity that Mr.Harris may does not receive my Email and doesn't reply.
> Who can give me a help for this question?

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