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I've been spending the last few days Googling a lot to find a sollution to this problem, and have found lots of things I've tried to no avail. My little program (below), radically simplified ofcource :), that used to run fine on Vista/PHP5 but suddelnly changed behaiviour. I want it to echo the text, wait a second, echo the next etc. Now it buffers the output and writes it all to the screen at the same time. I've read on about IE needing 256 bytes before it writes anything two screen, tried all different flush() commands, configured it in php.ini as well as using ob_ in my code, but nothing seems to work?!

Using Win2000 and php4 the code below works... How do I accieve thesame with Vista and php5??

My environment;

Vista Enterprise

Abyss X1 Webserver 2.6

PHP 5.2.8

// Needed in Win2k with PHP4 to immedeately output to browser window. Does not work in Vista/PHP5.
echo str_repeat(" ", 256)."<PRE>"; flush();

echo "Trace1= ".date(DATE_RFC822)."<br>";
sleep (1);

echo "Trace2= ".date(DATE_RFC822)."<br>";
sleep (1);

echo "Trace3= ".date(DATE_RFC822)."<br>";

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