From: Twayne on

XP Pro, SP3+
Might anyone be aware how many folders are technically allowed in the root
directory of a disk drive? I have a drive D, a separate partition with C
that has some 186 objects according to win Explorer's status bar. It is
entirely comprised of folders.

The shortcut has the correct flags to automatically drop down the contents
of the drive when it is opened. As I was rebuilding the machine, all was
"normal" and the drive folder dropped down as expected when the shortcut was
used. However, by the time I got finished Restoring all the files to it, it
was no longer doing that. Using the Shortcut, it opens in the Folders View,
which is fine, but it will not drop down the list of folders on the drive.
I deleted all but aout 25 directories and it started to work again. Then
I restored the removed directories, and it no longer dropped down the
folders list again. The only conclusion is that there must be a numerical
limit where win Explorer will stop expanding down.
I copied all the folders to drive E, on another SATA drive, and got the
same results as above.

Anyone know what that limit may be?

It was the same with my old computer too, which I assume all along was some
vague corruption somewhere, but apparently not. That machine was XP Pro SP2+
when the problem came about, and SP3 at the end of its use.

Thanks for any information you may have. If I'm close to that limit,
whatever it may be, I'll do some house-keeping to get under it, but if I'm
way over then I guess I'll live with it; it's not that big an annoyance.

Thanks for any assistance,

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