From: Engin Tarhan on
As you have volunteered to give this pice of mind boggling wisdom without
being asked, I will also volunteer to give a piece of my mind, and I will
not be as gentle as the other fellas who have read your message and just
laughed it off.

You may think that being lazy is a quality to be proud of, but the
information your are giving is potentially dangerous! A number of clicks and
keypresses in a sensitive area of the OS which should be tinkered by people
who know what they're doing is not going to provide any benefit to the
mainstream of the computer users, the "normal" users as opposed to the lazy

I believe that this fantastic way of showing your right earlobe with your
left hand will be adopted by no more than a handful of users who like to
think of themselves as being eccentric. If you were as clever as you're
lazy, you'd think of using a USB hub to bring that flash drive near your

Good luck

<Mehrdad Mirreza> wrote in message news:200911615251mubed(a)
>I needed this too for testing a launcher on my USB flash drive. As I used
>an old computer without front USB ports and I was too lazy to stand up each
>time and replug the memory stick I searched for a solution in web. All
>solutions I found need the Microsoft command line tool DevCon, which is not
>very straight forward to use, so I tried to find another one. It needs also
>some clicks, but does without extra tools:
> 1. push [win]+[Pause] to show the "System Properties" dialog or just pick
> it from the Control Panel
> 2. switch to Hardware tab and click on "Device Manager"
> 3. There you click on "Universal Serial Bus controllers" to open it
> 4. Below that you see 5 (maybe more or less) items called "USB root Hub".
> If you know which of them your device is connected to (i.e. through
> experience) right click it and select "disable", otherwise do that with
> all of them. WARNING: doing so will disconnect all connected USB devices!
> 5. Right click the disabled items and select "enable". Your devices are
> then detected again.
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