From: Joe Mancuso on
Is the description below by design or is something else going on?

We are in a LAB setting running in Exchange 2003/2007 mixed mode, have a
single AD2003 DC in native mode, and we have two email policies; CONTACTS &
DEFAULT. The email stamping policies have been converted from RUS to EAP.
Depending on the server/tools used, the email address policy will or will not
automatically stamp addresses.

- NO stamping if contact or user is created using 2003 DC via ADUC;
Automatically update e-mail addresses based on e-mail address policy is
unchecked when viewing in E2K7 console however it shows checked in the 2003
- NO stamping if contact or user is created using E2K3 server
- OK stamping if contact or user is created using E2K7 server

For accounts with NO stamping occurring, the auto-update email addressing is
enabled. If we go on the HUB transport, get into the address policy and
apply the policy manually, the contacts & users are updated properly.

It seems that the 2003 DC ADUC & E2K3 server do not understand the email
policies since they were migrated from RUS to EAP. We are looking to
understand how this should work by design.

Joe Mancuso
University of Md, Baltimore