Is ContractsAndHours or CallsPerDay a query? If so, then check them against
this query.

Build a little, test a little.

"SSi308" wrote:

> I created a form called frmWeeklyReport and added 2 unbound text boxes
> one for start date and one for end date. There is also a button that is set
> to run the report. I open the form, enter the dates and click the button. I
> then get an Enter Parameter Value dialog box Start Date and End Date.
> My Report includes a main report and a subreport each based on different
> queries.
> I think I know where to look for the error, but am not sure what to look
> for. When running each query directly, with the form open and the dates
> filled in, the first query is fine, but the second query is prompting for a
> Start and End Date twice. I believe I entered the parameters the same in
> each query and have compared them and do not see any differences, except the
> table.field information. Here is the SQL View.
> SELECT Employees.Department, Employees.Initials
> , Sum(ContractsAndHours.DailyHours) AS TotalHoursWorked
> , Sum(ContractsAndHours.OutNewBusiness) AS NBOut
> , Sum(ContractsAndHours.OutRenewal) AS RnwlOut
> , Sum(ContractsAndHours.InNewBusiness) AS NBIn
> , Sum(ContractsAndHours.InRenewal) AS RnwlIn
> , [TotalHoursWorked]/8 AS EquivDays
> , CallsPerDay.[Out Calls]
> , CallsPerDay.[In Calls]
> , CallsPerDay.[Calls 3+]
> , ([Out Calls]/[EquivDays]) AS [Avg Out Calls]
> , ([In Calls]/[EquivDays]) AS [Avg In Calls]
> , ([Calls 3+]/[EquivDays]) AS [Avg 3+ Calls]
> FROM (ContractsAndHours INNER JOIN Employees ON ContractsAndHours.EmpID =
> Employees.EmpID) INNER JOIN CallsPerDay ON Employees.EmpID = CallsPerDay.EmpID
> (((ContractsAndHours.DateOfRecord)>=[Forms]![frmWeeklyReport]![txtStartDate]
> And
> (ContractsAndHours.DateOfRecord)<DateAdd("d",1,[Forms]![frmWeeklyReport]![txtEndDate])))
> GROUP BY Employees.Department, Employees.Initials, CallsPerDay.[Out Calls],
> CallsPerDay.[In Calls], CallsPerDay.[Calls 3+];
> Any help is appreciated.
> Lori