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When I start winupdate I get this error message 0x80245003. So I cant use
windows update. Please Help

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From a post by Pat Walters, MSFT :

" The error you list translates
to: "The RedirectorID in the downloaded is smaller than the
cached cab. Try this:
1. Close all Command Prompt windows and all Internet browsers
2. Click Start
3. Click Search
4. Click "All Files and Folders"
5. Copy and paste the following into the "A word or phrase in the file:"
6. Using the pull-down menu, select only the drive letter where the WINDOWS
directory resides.
a. If you may not know where that is, click Start
b. Click Run
c. Type: %windir%
d. Click OK. A window will open with an address field near the top.
If it says: "D:\WINDOWS," then D: is the drive letter. If instead it says:
"C:\WINNT," then C: is the drive letter.
7. Click "More Advanced Options" and make sure the top 3 boxes are checked
8. Click Search
9. When you find the results, select every instance of these files in the
windows\system32\dllcache folder and delete them, but LEAVE the ones that
are in the system32 folder.
10. Repeat step 9, but select instances of files ANYWHERE outside the
system32 folder, and delete them.
11. Finally, select any matching instances of files in the system32 folder,
and delete them.
12. Close the Search window
13. Click Start
14. Click Run
15. Type: services.msc and click OK
16. Make sure that the following two services are started, by
double-clicking on each of them.
a. Automatic Updates
b. Background Intelligent Transfer Service
c. If either of them are not started, click the Start button.
17. Verify they are started before leaving the Services window.
18. Open one single Internet Explorer window.
19. In the Internet Explorer window, click Tools, then Windows Update
20. When the browser reaches the Windows Update website is reached, see if
the site offers to download the newest software to your system. We'll
assume it does.
21. Try to install just one update, by clicking "Custom Install"
22. Click Review and Install Updates
23. Uncheck all but one update, so that we can narrow down the problem.
24. Look down at your system clock and note the time. Click Install
25. If it succeeds, great! Reply back and let us know! If it fails, move
to the next step.
26. Click Start
27. Click Run
28. Type: %windir%\WindowsUpdate.log (notice no space between windows and
29. Scroll down through the log to the time you noted in step 24.
30. Starting at this time, click and drag down and to the right, selecting
everything to the end of the log from this time.
31. Copy the selected text
32. Reply back to this posting.
33. Tell us which update you were attempting to install, and where it
34. Paste the copied text into the post, and Send it to us.


Pat Walters [MSFT] "

"mine" wrote:

> When I start winupdate I get this error message 0x80245003. So I cant use
> windows update. Please Help
> Mine
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