From: Jimmy on

If anyone out there has Spybot Search & Destroy and while trying to run
Windows update you receive the error number 0x80070020 and this message:

"Windows Update has encountered an error and cannot display the
requested page".

I corrected the problem in my computer. It was the "Tea Timer" in Spybot S&D.

Bring up Spybot S&D and click on mode.....then select advanced
yes in the pop up box.

Then click tools at lower left....then click resident.....then uncheck the
Resident "Tea Timer" box.

X out and that should do it and hopefully most will be able to get the
Windows updates.

You can go back after updating and put "Tea Timer" back on by following the
above steps. You may have to do the same thing next time you update unless
Spybot S&D fixes the glitch in the meantime.

PS - "Tea Timer" ( if you have Spybot S&D) is an overall protection of
settings on your computer.

"Learner" wrote:

> I'm trying to install windows xp update. First I get this message "We've made
> improvements to our website. To download the new version of the software and
> begin using Windows Update, please click Install Now".
> After downloading files I get this message: "Error number: 0x80070020".
> Any one can help me please.
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