From: Naresh on

When i run the Interrupt Moderation test from the NDIS Test 6.5 suite,
it throws the following error,

Test terminated abnormally with an Exception System.FormatException
HTMLogProvider::Failed: Failed() mustbe called in the context of a
test case or action (ID: 88888)

Exception details
Type System.FormatException
Message Input string was not in a correct format.
Source mscorlib
Stack Trace at System.Number.StringToNumber(String str, NumberStyles
options, NumberBuffer& number, NumberFormatInfo info, Boolean
at System.Number.ParseInt32(String s, NumberStyles style,
NumberFormatInfo info)
at System.Int32.Parse(String s, IFormatProvider provider)
at System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounterLib.GetStringTable(Boolean
at System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounterLib.get_NameTable()
at System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounterLib.get_CategoryTable()
at System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounterLib.CounterExists(String
category, String counter, Boolean& categoryExists)
at System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounterLib.CounterExists(String
machine, String category, String counter)
at System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounter.Initialize()
at System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounter..ctor(String categoryName,
String counterName, String instanceName, String machineName)
at InterruptModeration.Start()
at NDISTest.NDISTestCore.TestServices.TestBase.StartTest()

Whereas, all other tests on the same suite, works fine. Any idea why
this might be happening?

OS: Windows 2008 Server (32 bit both the sides)
NON DTM mode (Directly running the tests from the folder)

Any help/clue is greatly appreciated.