From: Jochem Maas on
hi gang[tm],

I've been STFW for some kind of CRM package specifically geared at
event/exhibition organizers. I'm not having any luck, there *seems* to
be stuff out there but most of it's geared at single exhibitor/corporate
entity event management as opposed to the organization of events
where 100s of exhibitors need be approached, sold stand space to and
manage - of those that do seem to what I'd like they are a bit vague on
their website and don't give any pricing info (as usual price is a big issue :).

I've looked at the possibilities of using Salesforce or SugarCRM but neither
seem to have plugins/modules aimed at the specific requirements I have.

Basically I want something to manage:

1. multiple expos/exhibitions
2. selling standspace
3. manage tickets/ticket campaigns
4. floorplan management/creation/etc
5. speaker/debate-panel management
6. exhibitor pack/documentation management
5. the usual invoicing/lead/crm stuff

does anyone know of anything that comes remotely close?