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>>>>> Somebody may have set the date like that deliberately so as not to log
>>>>> system events but to still be able to use Security Centre and
>>>>> Firewall. Can't see why they'd want to though. An odd mistake, but
>>>>> good to hear you sorted it.
>>>>> Hope you sorted the DVD too.
>>>>> S
>>>> I am expecting my fourth tomorrow - yes 4th - not sure if same make or
>>>> model - they were going to test all they had in stock - if all faulty
>>>> then I get a different make.
>>>> Antioch
>>> So's we all know what to avoid: what make and model of player are you
>>> having all this trouble with?
>>> S
>> Hello Spamlet
>> For me there has been so much confusion with matters computer - I have
>> just seen in my original post that I copy/paste the wrong computer
>> details - what an idiot.
>> The computer in question is my desktop - the item of equipment is a
>> LiteOn
>> ATAPI iHAP322 - 32 - 9.
>> I fitted No4 and got the same problem as before - the box had been opened
>> so looks as if it might have been tested first by the supplier.
>> I was hoping to slave it onto another computer, but have been unable to
>> do so.
>> What I did do today, was get another DVD[not bought-borrowed] plus a new
>> cable, which I fitted to the desktop - tried both cables but got the same
>> result - all types of disc show as empty.[left click my comp - left click
>> DVD-RAM - left click to open CD drive D:] - it shows as having free
>> space - 0 bytes - total size 0 bytes.
>> The 'write files to CD' cannot be done - must copy files to CD first.
>> Did the same with both cables and my new DVD - same result.
>> What I did find was that when I put my XP disc IN, I was able to boot
>> from it get into recovery console - most strange, as nothing will play on
>> Win Med Player.
>> I am not too sure what the above is telling me - but I think my only
>> other option left, is to go for a clean install if XP[which is something
>> I was intending to do in a couple of months until this DVD problem
>> started]. I have run out of any other possible cures.
>> Rgds
>> Antioch
> I didn't know you were talking about DVD-RAM: I've never used those.
> Do they show up in disc management, and do they need to be formatted
> first?
> Your equipment is widely discussed in other fora:
> You will quite likely find your answers out there.
> Good luck.
> S
Hi Spamlet

I have been talking in all my posts, about a DVD/CD Player[ROM] - RAM is a
typo in the last post.
Thanks for the link - though I have already read most of the links that have
anything remotely connected with the problem - there are a couple that look
I forgot to mention that I ran two driver scans earlier in the week - one
showed no update[listed as digital sig with Microsoft] and the other one on
offer I checked with LiteOn - waiting their reply - but LiteOn say the
current driver is as the one being used.
The one I have always used and worked OK.

Thank you for your interest.