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CUte analogy, but not accurrate. I want to compose my will in advance of
pulling the trigger. I want to specify clean up of my brains before they
splatter on the wall

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>> But, there's a fundamental need for the act of killing a process to
>> simply immediately stop the process; providing a hook or other mechanism
>> for that process to execute any code at all before it's forcibly
>> terminated would negate one of the main points of terminating a process
>> in the first place: to get it to immediately stop whatever it is it's
>> doing.
> Someone in another group once wrote a rather graphic analogy when this
> question was posed (mainly about writing debug logs during shutdown): When
> you put a gun in your mouth and blow your brains out, it's a little hard
> to compose your last will and testament while you're falling to the
> ground.