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On Mar 11, 8:13 pm, "m.balarama" <pand...(a)> wrote:

> on your computer you can go to windows/system32/cleanmgr.exe
> clcik on that and it will get rid of all temp files-you can set it up
> on your desk top-- it dows other things also-
> nice program
> Michael- Hide quoted text -

Does it delete cookies as well? I have several I need to keep.
Thanks for the suggestions.

From: roach on

"Carl Taylor" <carltaylor(a)> wrote in message
> I'm running XP Pro SP3 up to date with all
> MS fixes with a clean report from the anti
> virus/malware software.
> Even if I *just visit* web sites and,
> 1. do not install anything,
> 2. do not download anything,
> 3. do not create any new files,
> 4. delete all Windows temp and internet
> temp files,
> the count produced by the analyze function
> of Disk Defragmanter.msc goes up on average
> by 50 to 100 files a day. The percentage of
> the hard drive in use remains constant.
> Also, the count of objects examined, output by
> the anti virus software, goes up by about the
> same amount. Thus it's not being incremented by
> simply my resaving pre-existing files.
> While not really a problem I'm curious as to
> what's going on. Does anyone have an explanation
> or idea why? Thanks.
> Carl Taylor

just download ccleaner

if it still bothers you after this either get a bigger hard drive or another

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