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Need help with Netbook
I have an HP Netbook running Windows XP. I'm away from home, and suddenly have this problem. I have a dual boot system -- WinXP and Linux. I generally stay in XP. All of a sudden, when I try to connect with the Internet in my hotel room, I get a message that I have no connectivity, although the wireless system... 9 Aug 2010 14:32
audio reactivation
You see, the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, online, has become mute when it comes to the pronunciation of the words entered in the dictionary. It used to be Ok. How do you reactivate the audio function? ... 7 Aug 2010 02:53
Windows 7 screen and folders
As I said in my previous post, it looks like I am going to have to buy a new computer. With Window 7 is there a way to go back to the classic formats for folders, and back to the Window XP type tool bars? I like a clean presentation of the directory folders with the name of the file, the date created, size,... 4 Aug 2010 07:03
Windows 7
I currently have a laptop and a desktop both running Window XP, on a wireless lan. The laptop seems to be about to give up. Will Window 7 play nicely with my desktop running Windows XP on a wireless 7? ... 12 Aug 2010 16:58
XP computer won't start up - what's this message mean?
I'm trying to help out a relative. His description of the problem is as follows: There is a message about the recovery program at first, and he has the option of pressing F11. If that is not done, it appears that Windows is starting up (the mouse can be moved). Then there is a message about a problem being... 3 Aug 2010 11:24
Office Toolbar Issue
I'm using IE8 and still like to have my office toolbar at the top of my screen. However, two of my 32 icons in the bar will not permit me to change the icon to match its specific progam icon. When I right click on the icon, click "Properties" > "Properties" >"Change Icon", the proper icon appears in the Folder icon... 2 Aug 2010 16:56
Taskbar moved to top of screen, won't move back to bottom
I was using firefox typing a message and noticed my taskbar moved to the top of my desktop. I tried moving it back making sure it is not locked, but it is stuck there. I can pull it longer, hide it under apps, make it on top of apps, so on. I just can't move it to the sides or back to the bottom. Any ideas? ... 5 Aug 2010 09:06
Recycle question
I know your able to restore a deleted file from the recycle bin and it goes back to its original slot from where it was deleted. Now, I deleted a file from one of my flashdrive gadgets and tried to restore it from the recycle bin, but it is no where to be found...its not back in the original spot of the flashdrive ... 1 Aug 2010 21:21
config news groups server
I want to configure a news groups server and want to know the servers code ( news.googl.com ) or something similar. want to get my news groups through outlook express, just like in the olden days. ... 1 Aug 2010 12:39
what player is it now playing?
When you play an audio file, how do you know what kind of media player, windows media player or real player among others, is now playing the file? I've a lot of kinds of players installed in my pc.... 1 Aug 2010 07:15
damned problem
Hi guys, I need your help. I´ve tried about everything i know and searched for hours on the net. Even though i found a lot of tips an settings that seem to be the solution none of them worked as i wished they would. Here´s the problem 2 PCs with WinXP Prof. SP3 . Each is a clean installation without clonin... 2 Aug 2010 08:07
I've an OED CD which I somewhat damaged by clicking 'burn' while in operation. I stopped all of the operation immediately. However, the CD doesn't function smoothly as before by putting up a sign of 'Invalid Printer Driver', and let me take pains to force it open, eating up much of time. Any remedy?... 29 Jul 2010 08:33
Special Offer
To Get Your Free 30-Day Trial Get it now!!!! Try it today Project management software by launched http://www.project-drive.net ... 20 Jul 2010 00:31
Can't give same name to file and folder!!
Hi! I just realised that I can't create a folder and a file with the same name. For example if in Desktop I create a new folder named "folder1" and rename a file to "folder1" (it has no extension), an error message appears that says: Cannot rename "previous filename": A file with the name you specified already e... 18 Jul 2010 08:22
Log on .... Log off
I have a laptop with XP, every time I logon with my password it automatically logs me off .... any help is appreciated. Cathy ... 16 Jul 2010 01:14
Can't get rid of desktop shortcuts
I have quite a few, maybe 30 icons that always appear on my desktop whenever I boot up. Now, I know that some get loaded up each time I start the computer, so i uncheck the boxes in the msconfig/start routine. Most of them do not even appear in the startup of msconfig. I thought by renaming desktop folder to short... 12 Jul 2010 16:15
DVD-burner driver install
I know, on every site / in near every group 'they' tell me a driver for a burner under XP-SP3 isn't neccesary. Forget it. Hi. Here a pc with windows xp-sp3 on it and a Lite-on dvdrw LH-18A1P installed. Worked fine for many years. Bought a dvd +R with 8,5 Gb space on it. To be able to use this disc, sales tol... 12 Jul 2010 12:54
Easy Project Management
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