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Free project management software- try free demo
Free Project Management Software Get it Now !!!! Try it today Project management software by launched, visit project drive for FREE PROJECT MANAGEMENT SOGYWARR For free account go to h... 2 Jun 2010 03:19
Printer Install on Windows XPproSP2
Hi, I can't seem to get my 'add a printer' feature to work on my XPpro machine. I continue to get installation failure errors. I've been to the microsoft site and tried the deleting \windows\system32\spool\ files and registry tweaks listed but nothing seems to work. It's an Epson C88+ printer that has been in... 3 Jun 2010 10:00
Sharing Private Files with Account on Win7 Dual Boot?
Hi Folks: I added Win7/64 to my PC. The system has a drive with a Win XP partition, a new drive that has this win7/64 partition, and a drive I've been using for my personal files. I can see the drive with my personal files, and see all of the folders. But I can't access the contents of the fo... 31 May 2010 18:34
XP update
I have an original XP Pro operating system. I have found that it will not use a large hard drive properly. It will not format a drive larger than a 132Gb. It does not matter if the drive is SATA or IDE. I have a later version of XP Home. This OS works properly. Can XP Pro be updated or fixed some other way. I do n... 1 Jun 2010 14:09
Why Use Project Management tools? provides all tools, charts, reporting functions and a customizable dashboard for efficient project management and objective-oriented productivity Web based project management software allows you to save time and reduce costs at implementation and throughout the project lifecycles. ... 29 May 2010 23:21
Buying Project Management Software
Some people think that project management software is used just for managing a software based project but it not so. It is used for other tasks as well. It helps in achieving project goals and objectives by planning, managing and organizing resources. It has the ability to track, control and mange resources. Projec... 27 May 2010 02:44
garbled sound laptop xp
sound on lap top with xp -there is sound but it is garbled-- any ideas thanks Michael ... 27 May 2010 05:57
Windows XP Home Edition - Hard drive thrashing badly
On 02/21/2010 07:26 PM, Gas Bag wrote: I've very recently installed Windows XP Home Edition on the C: Drive of a partitioned hard drive with 128MB of RAM. The D: Drive is about 18GB, and the C: Drive is about 10GB, both fully defragged. I have only installed Internet Explorer 8, along with "Process Explore... 26 May 2010 14:40
XP software compatibility with Windows 7 OS
On 02/15/2010 01:09 AM, jcage(a) wrote: I'm looking at a new laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium and am worried about the software compatibility with XP since I have a lot of XP software. I really don't want to dole out huge bucks to upgrade my software so how can I best avoid it (if there really are... 26 May 2010 14:40
Sort Start -> Programs from command line
Hello, I've done numerous web and usenet searches over the past few days and come up short, and am hoping now to get somebody's input... I am not a C programmer, but am looking for a registry or command line technique, or a small 3rd party command line tool that performs the right-click -> Sort By Name feature... 2 Jun 2010 10:53
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